NorthSummit Geosciences Team utilizes cutting edge 3D seismic processing and interpretation geophysical techniques to select advantageous locations to drill and produce discovered reservoirs.


Exploitation of Existing Fields, Preservation of Capital
Majority of the wells drilled by NorthSummit will be inside the perimeters of already proven onshore fields on the Gulf Coast. Most wells targeted to penetrate and produce from multiple, stacked reservoirs. Exploitation area is close to numerous oil and gas markets. After completion, most wells should be producing within 60 days.

Advanced Geophysical Technology
NorthSummit Geosciences Team utilizes cutting edge geophysical techniques to pinpoint advantageous locations to drain previous discovered reservoirs, and reservoirs inside the fields not previously identified.

Experienced Technical Team
Superior track record of development and exploitation of Gulf Coast salt domes and other structures. While at Burlington Resources, key members of NorthSummit Geosciences Team headed Onshore and Offshore Geophysics for the Gulf Coast Basin, which was a core generator of value for Burlington preceding the sale of the Company to Conoco-Phillips for $35.6 Billion. NorthSummit is continuing the exploitation strategy that both the Management and Technical Team have employed for the last 35 years.

Significant Deeper Potential
There are significant deeper reservoirs that may be developed in the future after exploiting shallower formations. NorthSummit will hold some of these deeper rights with production from the shallower formations.

3D Seismic Data Library
Access ownership to high quality 3D seismic data in selected Louisiana and Texas Onshore Gulf Coast areas – provides significant technical resources.